What better way to enjoy the peace and beauty of the mountains than a good hike? Valmeinier offers you an exceptional playground in the heart of unspoiled and wild nature. In autonomy with the marked routes or being accompanied by a guide, walk while admiring marvelous landscapes. Lovers of fauna and flora, you will not be outdone either with an extraordinary richness within the valley.

A few safety tips before you go

The right reflexes to adopt

In order to fully enjoy your hike, be careful never to underestimate the dangerousness of the mountain.

  • SelectedPlan your route according to your abilities (do not overestimate yourself, balance your efforts, etc.) and know how to adapt it according to the difficulties encountered (slope, uneven terrain, changing weather).
  • Find out beforehand about the weather forecast for the day.
  • Do not hesitate to turn around in case of physical problems, changing weather conditions or even a delay or doubt on the chosen route.
  • Preferably choose marked paths and follow the signs in place.
  • It is recommended to seek advice from professionals and regulars in the mountains and to be accompanied by an instructor, a guide or a guide.
Herd protection dogs

During your walks in the mountains, pay attention to guard dogs (also called patous) which are not companion dogs. If you come across one:

  • Don't try to pet it
  • Don't feed him
  • Don't go near it

He is not trained to be aggressive but he is educated to be dissuasive.
When he gets close to his herd, he can approach you until he smells you, sometimes while barking:

  • Absolutely stop!
  • Stay calm
  • Give him time to identify you (sniffles…)
  • Do not face him but position yourself in profile so as not to provoke him
  • Don't look him in the eye
  • talk to him calmly
  • Avoid sudden movements
  • Don't threaten him with a stick or a stone
  • Avoid shouting
  • Walk away calmly, avoid running

Do not forget

• Food and hydration.

• Good footwear suitable for the route you are taking.

• Clothing adapted to the weather which can change (and also gloves, hat, cap/hat, sunglasses…).

• Sunscreen.

• A first aid kit, survival blanket, whistle.

• A mobile phone with enough battery (or provide an external battery).

• A 1/25000 IGN map of the surroundings, a compass and an altimeter to help you find your way around.

• A knife and a lamp.

Inform at least one person of the day and time of your departure and your return as well as your itinerary, avoid leaving alone.

Know the emergency numbers
  • Relief: 112
  • EMS: 15
  • Firefighters : 18
  • Mountain rescue (PGHM Modane): 04 79 05 11 88

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