Put on your hiking shoes, fill your backpack and take out your most beautiful headgear, we take you to discover the environmental nuggets of Valmeinier.

The unmissable passage to Lac Vert

Not very difficult hike (3/5)

•Distance : 7,4 km

• Duration (A/R): 3h

• Elevation: 350 D +

• Maximum Altitude: 1987m

Starting from the Chenalette car park, this hike is a favorite with families. With relatively little elevation, this walk is ideal for diving into the bottom of the valley along the Neuvache river.

Quite busy, you just have to follow the markings to get there, while certainly being accompanied by many butterflies.

Do not hesitate to take a picnic with you to enjoy it once you arrive at Lac Vert, the setting promises to be idyllic!

The shaded stroll of the Moulin des Combes

Fairly easy hike (2/5)

•Distance : 5,3 km

• Duration (A/R): 2h

• Elevation: 315 D +

• Maximum Altitude: 1500m

Departing from Valmeinier Villages (1500), this walk takes you through the charming hamlets of Mélèzes and Combes belonging to the municipality of Valmeinier.

Outside these hamlets, take advantage of several passages in the forest to refresh yourself and feel the calm of the Savoyard mountains.

You will also find on your way explanatory panels on the small birds accustomed to the place. Stay alert for the chance to see it.

When you arrive at the Moulin des Combes, take the time to admire the magnificent wood carvings arranged all around.

The sumptuous panorama at the top of the Col des Marches

Fairly difficult hike (4/5)

•Distance : 11 km

• Duration (A/R): 6h

• Elevation: 825 D +

• Maximum Altitude: 2725m

This hike is the longest of this top 5. Find out about the weather conditions of the day before you start.

The start can be made from the snow front of Valmeinier Center Station (1800) or Haut de Station (1900) in order to gain a hundred meters of altitude difference.

By following the direction of the Col des Marches, you will gradually gain altitude and see the landscape evolve as you go.

When you are at the foot of the pass, we recommend that you take a short detour via the Lac de Roche Noire. The show is well worth the detour with this natural lake based at an altitude of 2528m!

Then, you only have one last effort left before reaching the top of the Col des Marches. At an altitude of 2725m, the panorama is breathtaking!

Charles' Cross

Fairly easy hike (2/5)

•Distance : 4,2 km

• Duration (A/R): 2h

• Elevation: 280 D +

• Maximum Altitude: 1700m

From Valmeinier Villages (1500), head towards Ville Dessus. You will pass in front of the Ville Dessus chapel, a building dating from the 18th century.

The Charles Cross walk offers you a dive into the heart of unspoiled nature. Posters explaining the local fauna and flora have been placed along this hike.

The return can be done by the track of the castle passing by the picnic area of ​​Replat.

The Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows

Not very difficult hike (3/5)

•Distance : 9,3 km

• Duration (A/R): 3h

• Elevation: 440 D +

• Maximum Altitude: 2173m

Finally, to close this list of hiking ideas to do in Valmeinier, we take you to the chapel of Notre Dame des Neiges.

For the record, a pilgrimage is organized there every year during the month of August.

Although long in distance, this hike does not present any major difficulty.

This route has the advantage of going through the Red Earth Refuge which is near the chapel. Do not hesitate to stop there, both to eat and simply to rest.

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