With more than 80 instructors and ski enthusiasts, the French Ski School of Valmeinier accompanies you to the heart of the Galibier-Thabor area in Maurienne.

ESF Valmeinier, Conviviality and authenticity

Group lessons for all ages

  • Children: 3 to 4 years old
  • Children: From 5 to 12 years old
  • Teens: From 13 years old
  • Adults: Over 18 years old

Club Piou Piou

Children during the Piou-Piou

With the French Ski School, children from the age of 3 learn to ski while having fun in an environment specially designed for them: the Jardin Piou Piou.

The main objective of Club Piou Piou is to motivate the child to move and play in the snow area by entering his "imaginary" world. This pedagogical concept is based on the notions of pleasure, freedom and games through the implementation of adapted and unconstrained learning.

All the activities are done through animations linked to the discovery of the 5 key characters in the story of the “Adventures of Piou Piou”.

The objectives are threefold:

  • Initiation to autonomy: children must be able to move safely freely, from one workshop to another, choosing their path.
  • Progressive acquisition of motor skills through the discovery of the key characters of Club Piou Piou.
  • Discovery of the mountain environment and the first notions of safety.

Tailor-made private lessons

Skiing or snowboarding

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, ESF Valmeinier offers private lessons. Do you want to get back on your feet after a long period without having skied? Do you want to take advantage of the expert advice of our instructors to improve your skills? Then private lessons are made for you! It is also an opportunity to get together with family or friends to share the pleasures of skiing away from the crowds.

A day or half-day instructor

Alone, with friends or family, your personal instructor will accompany you for a few hours or a whole day. Whether it's to progress or to learn a new practice, your ESF instructor adapts to your desires, your needs and your level. In a friendly atmosphere, discover the magnificent Valmeinier ski area.

Valmeinier ESF instructors

Disabled skiing

With the support of ESF Valmeinier, push the limits of disability for more autonomy! Discover the mountain environment and the enjoyable sensations of skiing in complete safety. Feel the adrenaline that transports you to this exceptional environment where people like to recharge their batteries.

Our ESF instructors are authorized to supervise disabled skiers whether they are uniskis or wheelchair skiers. Whatever your situation, you will take unique pleasure in hitting the slopes!

Little Wolves Club

The Club des P'tits loups in Valmeinier 1800 Center has been specially designed to allow your little ones to flourish with their new friends in complete safety. Formulas combining ski lessons, meals and childcare are offered to children from 3 to 12 years old. Thus, learning is done while having fun.

For a sensational experience

Snow & Mountain

Do you want to learn a new practice of skiing? Do you like to get off the beaten track, be in contact with nature, in a calm and relaxing environment? 

Choose from our hiking, off-piste or snowshoe offers, and adapt our experiences according to your desires and your level.

Paragliding flight

Accessible from 5 years old, the paragliding activity allows you to experience new sensations. You take off on skis, sliding straight down the slope. You have to stand on your skis for a few meters in direct line and not sit down, as for the butt lift!

Landing is also done standing by sliding on skis. In flight, you are installed in the harness, to enjoy the landscapes, the instructor takes care of piloting!

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