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Loulou Garnier has been a pilot since 1991, DTE from the Paragliding school Envergure since 2006. He is also qualified for Hand'Icare, mini sails and speed riding.

Flying in the air for more than 30 years, Loulou has experienced all the evolution of sails and teaching since his childhood. A long-time instructor, he is a forerunner of proximity flying (waggas, freestyle) and speed riding. A pedagogue, he knows how to explain and communicate the sensations of flight as well as possible.

He finished 3rd in the French Paragliding Precision Landing Championship in 1991. A performer, he finished 7th in 2004 and 5th in 2005 at the Wagas Festival (international Acro/freestyle paragliding competition). Loulou Garnier was the organizer of the Speed ​​Ride Air from 2008 to 2012 and co-organizer of the Wagas Festival 2013. To this day, he shares exceptional moments with Valmeinier holidaymakers during first flights (two-seater flights) . Loulou sets out to discover new flying spots during her off-season trips. Discover on these social networks what he shares by producing videos.

Three types of flight are offered:

- The Valmineux (85 €): 700 meters of altitude difference, 8 to 12 min of flight.

- Prestige (€100): 1 vertical meters, 000 to 10 min flight.

- The must (€130): 1 vertical meters, 200 to 12 min flight.

Video report of your flight on an SD card: €25

L'Envol d'été 1000 m of vertical drop: accompanied by a team of passionate professionals, gently take off facing the Aiguilles d'Arves, then let yourself go and admire an exceptional panorama from the sky!
Our team will know how to put you at ease and allow you to enjoy your flight 100%.
According to your desires: discovery of piloting, contemplative flight, proximity flight, acrobatics.
Possibility to fly with several people at the same time each with an instructor.
– Child accessible from the age of five.
– 90 kg maximum.
Tariff: 100 €
embedded video: €25
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Contact information

761 rue de la Sandonière 5 Roche Malotte
73450 Valmeinier
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ESF Valmeinier

Paragliding with ESF Valmeinier

Accessible from 5 years old, the paragliding activity allows you to experience new sensations. You take off on skis, sliding straight down the slope. You have to stand on your skis for a few meters in direct line and not sit down, as for the butt lift! Landing is also done standing by sliding on skis. In flight, you are installed in the harness, to enjoy the landscapes, the instructor takes care of piloting!

You will be accompanied by an experienced state-certified professional instructor who will introduce you to the joys of paragliding in Valmeinier. In the air, you will have a real feeling of freedom, focusing only on the sound of the wind and the sail. The flight over the landscapes combined with the adrenaline provided by the aerobatics will make this flight a unique experience.

Three types of flight are offered:

- small theft (60 €): 500 vertical meters

- Grand theft (€100): 1 vertical meters

- Prestige flight (€250): 2 vertical meters

Video supplement: €20

Course of your paragliding flight

On your arrival at the flight site, the instructor will brief you by explaining the safety rules to be observed during your flight. You will then equip yourself with all the equipment necessary for the good practice of paragliding (harness, helmet, etc.). If you are a pedestrian, the instructor will equip you with mini skis (no extra charge).

For your safety, the flights will take place only if the instructor considers that the aerological conditions allow it. In the event of bad weather, flights will be canceled or postponed depending on everyone's availability.

Some practical information
  • Activity accessible from the age of 5
  • Recommended equipment: seasonal ski clothing
  • Activity not recommended for pregnant women
  • Activity not accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • Paragliding doesn't make you feel dizzy

For more information, go to the ESF Valmeinier website by clicking on the link below.

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