Dog sledding in Valmeinier? Yes !! As a family, as a couple, alone, with friends, come and discover our mountains accompanied by a team of sled dogs!

Mad Dogs Sport Aventure: Dog sledding and Cani-hiking

Two options are available to you :

  • Baptism: Comfortably installed in the sled, you enjoy the landscape and your team of dogs
  • Introduction to driving: you learn to drive a team of 3 or 4 dogs

Between my dogs and me, a great story of friendship and mutual trust was born and I settled with them in Valmeinier in Maurienne in a magnificent environment of mountains, forests, mountain pastures, paths and wildlife. Ideal place to share with you unforgettable adventures throughout the year in sledding, cani-kart, cani-rando... and discover the world of mushing for young and old. The entire Mad Dogs Sport Aventure "team" is waiting for you to continue writing this beautiful story..."

Lisa, votre musheuse

Mad Dogs Sport Aventure is also summer!

Sled dogs and their state-certified mushers welcome you throughout the summer.

Come and visit the place and the way of life of the dogs at the kennel with a guided tour. Share a half day or a day in cani-hiking (walking towed by dogs) from 3 years old. Spend a good evening with your family listening to the stories of the sled dogs while tasting some local products.

We are waiting for you for new unforgettable adventures!

Tale Aperitif Evening

Meet at the kennel around a campfire. Young and old can immerse themselves in the stories around sled dogs. You can also enjoy the tasting of local products.

Matthew Curtet

Do you know cani-hiking?

Towed walk in the company of dogs! An outdoor activity for the whole family!

Equipped with a belt connected to the dog's harness by a cushioned lanyard, you learn to manage your dog and benefit from its traction when hiking on mountain trails.

Kennel visit

Passionate about dogs, the objective of Lisa, your musheuse, is to share with you this passion which animates her through the transmission of her knowledge and her experience.

This visit allows you to get in touch with the dogs, within their living space. They will love being petted and cuddled.

All activities are by reservation.

For more information on rates, visit the Mad Dogs Sport Aventure website by clicking on the button below:

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Mad Dogs Sport Adventure

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73450 Valmeinier
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