Look up, the show is in the air during this week dedicated to flying and freestyle in Valmeinier. Take advantage in particular from July 29 to 31 of the exceptional presence of the French Skydiving Team and take a baptism in a helicopter above the Maurienne valley. You will be able to take part in many activities and initiations into freestyle disciplines from July 25 to 31.


This year again, the Jump'n'Fly 2022 returns to the heart of the resort to highlight freestyle sports.

Take a helicopter flight!

Helicopter flights will be offered to the general public to discover Valmeinier and the peaks of Maurienne seen from the sky from 29/07 until 31/07!

Ticket 1 person (6 minutes rotation) – 49€
Special rate “Tribe” from 1 to 5 people “Privatization of the helicopter” – 190€

Reservation on our online ticketing site and at the center station tourist office (1800).
Places will be sold on site at the last minute if there are still availabilities.

The take-off site is at the top of the Games chairlift. The lift pass is included in the price of the flight. The pass will be given to you at the ticket control, at the bottom of the Games chairlift.
Due to the aerological conditions, we cannot give a fixed time of passage. However, you can tell us which time slot you prefer.

Demonstration of the French Skydiving Team

Come and watch a demonstration of the French Skydiving Team!

The demonstrations will take place on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 at the end of the morning (from 11 a.m./11:30 a.m.) and at the end of the afternoon (from 17 p.m./17:30 p.m.) and on Sunday 31 at the end of the morning (more around 11 a.m./11:30 a.m. ).
Due to the aerological conditions, we cannot define exact times.

Meeting with Jacques Baal, coach of the French team

Jacques BAAL has been skydiving for 38 years. On his record: 18 jumps and 000 world titles! He has now been coaching the France team for 12 years.

Can you introduce us to the French parachuting team?

“The French Precision Landing and Aerobatic Team” consists of two teams, one female and one male. Each team consists of 5 members. In addition there are two juniors, a girl and a boy. That's 12 people. We also have two athletes in reserve, making a total of 14 people. These teams have always been in the top five nations in the world. On the women's side, they finished two third places at the last World Championship. Individually, we have sportsmen and women who particularly stand out. Among the women, we can mention Déborah Ferrant who is the reigning world champion in landing precision (PA) and Léocadie OLLIVIER DE PURY, who is 2nd in aerobatics. Among the men, Thomas JEANNEROT has two places of 3nd in landing precision (PA) and in the combined. He was also the combined world champion in 2010!

How does a training take place?

Training takes place over defined periods, ranging from one to two consecutive weeks. During these periods, the goal is to jump every day between 8 and 12 times. The day begins with the physical warm-up, then the preparation for the day in terms of objectives in the jumps. The first jumps generally take place from 8 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., resumed around 14 p.m. until everyone has done their volume of jumps. Between each jump, depending on the work sought, there is a debriefing with video, and the folding of the parachute (about 00 to 5 minutes). The training day ends with a point on the work done, and the projection on the next day. Eventually a sports session closes this session. All this is under weather conditions, if the wind is too strong, if it rains, if the clouds are too low, no jump, and there, we focus on the work on the video, the preparation of the equipment, and the physical preparation .

Why did you choose the resort of Valmeinier, in Savoie, for the oxygenation course? What is the impact on the body of athletes to go green in the mountains?

The choice of the Valmeinier resort was made for several reasons:

  • Contacts with managers, proximity to Tallard (France hub)
  • For the welcome reserved for us

The fact of staying at altitude, as well as the activities carried out, allow us to prepare ourselves physically but also to recover and to be in a privileged setting.

Presentation of the French Skydiving Team

Athletes come from many walks of life. We can distinguish two types: those who play sports full-time and the others!

  • All those who are full-time have a military status, which combined with the fact that they are high-level athletes in the French Parachuting Federation, means that they are seconded for that.
  • The others have a job: it ranges from educator to engineer, and they train on weekends and during their holidays. Some (three of them) have a CIP (Professional Integration Contract) which allows them to have more days to train in addition to their holidays. This contract is made with their company, the ministry and the Federation. They have 20 to 30 more days.

2022 Precision Landing & Aerobatics World Championship

Six historic gold medals, two silver and four bronze were brought back by the French teams from the World Precision Landing/Aerobatic Championships which have just ended in the Czech Republic. During the last rounds where “the tension was at its height and the suspense unbearable ” evoked Yves-Marie Guillaud, president of the French Parachuting Federation, the competitors of the women's and men's teams were able to put into practice the objective set by their national coach, Jacques Baal: to get back into a performance situation in the face of this competition which was the main objective of the season. Bet won!!
Eleven French competitors (6 men, 5 women) competed for these world titles.
And these are 12 medals that they bring back to France.
Not to mention the places in the world Top 10 of very high level present on these world championships.

Members of the French team present in Valmeinier from July 29 to 31:

The French Skydiving Team is made up of civilians and soldiers. The six athletes present are part of the Army of Champions and the Joinville Battalion which are managed by the National Center for Defense Sports (CNSD). Unfortunately, the civil members of the team having not had additional professional availability following the World Championships, they will not be able to be present at the Jump'n'Fly.

  • Thomas JEANNEROT

📍 Originally from Rennes, Thomas cut his teeth in Alsace. He is now a member of CERPS De Tallard (05), in the Hautes-Alpes, Thomas has recorded 9600 jumps and 30 hours in the wind tunnel! He started skydiving in 1999 at the age of 15!

 🏆 Achievements: Individual World Champion in 2010, vice-world team champion in 2021, double team bronze medals in the World Championship in 2022, medalist in the Word Cup Series, 3 times silver medalist and once bronze medalist in the championship of Europe, quadruple champion of France, 2 times winner of the French Cup!

  • Mathieu GUINDE

📍 At only 29 years old, Mathieu has 4000 jumps on his counter! He started skydiving in 2009 at the age of 16. Today he has already made 500 ascent flights and 30 hours in the wind tunnel. He is a member of the Parachute Club of Aix en Provence (13).

 🏆 Achievements: Individual World Champion in landing precision (2022), 3rd in individual landing precision and double bronze medalist by team at the 2022 world championship, 2 times Vice-world champion by team in 2021, medalist at the World Cup Series , triple champion of France.


📍 Licensed at the Regional School Center of Skydiving in Alsace (67), Jean, 36, has 7000 jumps after more than 18 years of career and 30 hours of wind tunnel.

🏆 Achievements: 3rd in individual aerobatics and Double bronze medal by Team at the 2022 World Championship, vice-champion of Europe, five times champion of France, 2 times vice-champion of France.

  • Stephanie Texier

📍 Stéphanie is licensed at the CERPS De Tallard club (05) in the Hautes-Alpes. At 41, this athlete has logged 8000 jumps, 500 vertical flights and 92 hours in the wind tunnel.

🏆 Achievements: World Champion, 2 bronze medals at the 2021 World Championship, winner of the World Cup, 2 bronze medals at the World Cup, winner of the World Cup Series, Silver medal at the World Cup Series, European champion, 2 times vice-champion of Europe, 2 bronze medals at the European championship, 1 silver medal in international, 11 times champion of France, 7 times vice-champion of France, 7 bronze medals at the championship of France. She was also World Champion in another discipline, Relative Flight in 2012.


📍 Licensed at the Parachute Club of Aix En Provence (13), Léocadie is a skydiving genius. She has 4500 jumps to her credit as well as 250 ascent flights and 20 hours in the wind tunnel.

🏆 Achievements: Double Individual World Champion in Vaulting as well as Combined, and Team World Champion in 2022, triple World Vice-Champion, 3 bronze medals in the World Championship, Silver and Bronze medal in the World Cup. She has several world team titles at the Military World Championships, bronze medal at the World Cup Series, European champion, 2 times European vice-champion, 3 bronze medals at the European Championships, 14 times French champion .

  • Deborah FERRAND

📍 Déborah has more than 9800 jumps. She is also part of the French military parachuting team (EFMP), in the disciplines of precision landing, aerobatics, relative flight and paraskiing.

🏆 Achievements: Double Individual World Champion in Landing Precision and Combined, and World Championship in 2022, Individual World Champion in Landing Precision (2018), World Record Holder in Landing Precision (2011), World Champion Europe (2011), Military World Champion (2018) and Overall World Cup Winner (2018). She also has an extensive list of numerous medals (national and international) as a team.

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