A stay in Valmeinier is above all an immersion in Mauritian territory.

A historic province of Savoie, the Maurienne valley stretches over 120 km between Italy and the Hautes-Alpes. It is part of one of the largest transverse valleys in the region.

An ideal location

Located in the heart of this valley, Valmeinier remains easily accessible, in particular via the A43 motorway leading to Saint-Michel de Maurienne before starting about fifteen kilometers of ascent to the resort center of Valmeinier. A train station is also present in Saint-Michel de Maurienne, allowing you to reach the station with the shuttles providing the relay.

By going to the Maurienne, enjoy unspoiled nature. As proof, part of the valley has been integrated into the Vanoise national park. Let yourself go to discover this territory enjoying an extremely rich fauna and flora and splendid landscapes.

Go through these places rich in history where the Opinel found its origin. Take on the mythical passes of the Tour de France such as the Galibier. Admire the beauty of the Aiguilles d'Arves visible from the slopes of the Galibier Thabor domain.

A cyclist's paradise

Once the winter season is over, bike outings replace days of skiing. With the largest cycling area in the world, the Maurienne is positioned as a real land of cycling. Beyond the famous Col du Galibier, cyclists have a great playground. wonderful.

For an original and remarkable experience, come to the end of the laces of Montvernier and admire the magnificent panorama at its summit. Finally, join Valmeinier by bike by starting the climb from Saint Michel de Maurienne.

From now on, all you have to do is prepare your things and set off to discover a magnificent region where life is good.

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