Culminating at 3178 meters above sea level, Mont Thabor is an emblematic summit of the Massif des Cerces. Accessible from Valmeinier, many hikers set out to conquer it, for the day for the more experienced or in stages to take the time to immerse themselves in the heart of preserved nature.

This massif marks the border between the Northern and Southern Alps. Moreover, it is at the intersection of Savoie and the Hautes-Alpes, but also of France and Italy. Mont Thabor is located on the southern part of the Grande Traversée des Alpes via the famous GR5 hiking trail.

Mount Tabor is classified Natura 2000 area : this recognition highlights its majesty through its moors, meadows, rocky habitats or its remarkable geological history. Offering splendid panoramas, Mont Thabor has on its territory about thirty lakes distributed at more than 2000 meters of altitude.

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We find a rich fauna and flora in the heart of this environment which is still wild and typical of the region. Between marmots, chamois, ibexes... there are many wonders to discover for walkers in love with unspoiled nature.

At its very isolated summit is a small chapel. Perched at 3164 meters above sea level, the Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs chapel is a must for all hikers embarking on the mythical ascent of Mont Thabor.

November, mating season for bearded vultures at Mount Tabor

During the month of November, the bearded vultures are busy for their new breeding season.

Territory defense and nest construction are observed more regularly and Mount Tabor is one of the territories concerned.

We therefore ask you to ensure that respect the Major Sensitivity Zones (ZSM) visible on the map below.

The natural site of Mont Thabor is spread out from 1750m to 3178m in altitude and covers 4806 hectares. It is located in the municipalities of Valmeinier and Orelle in Maurienne (Savoie), and also Névache in the Hautes-Alpes.
Until 1947, the summit of Mount Tabor marked the border between Italy and France. It is located 5 km further east today.

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