Culminating at 3178 meters above sea level, Mount Tabor is an emblematic summit of the region. Only accessible by ski touring in winter, you must have excellent physical condition and experience before embarking on your ascent.

Some safety instructions

Any outing in the mountains involves risks. Unfortunately, ski touring is no exception to the rule.

Before setting off on an adventure, it is essential for you to know the various safety instructions.

The essential equipment to have with you on ski touring

• A DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector): this small box transmits and receives waves even under a thick layer of snow. In the event of an avalanche, it allows rescuers to quickly locate buried people. Remember to train yourself in its use in order to act correctly in an emergency situation.

• A shovel

• A probe

• A ski helmet

• A survival blanket

In addition, never leave without informing yourself of the weather forecast and snow conditions. The weather can change very quickly in the mountains. Just because you see a clear sky at the start doesn't mean it won't be threatening on the finish.

Also remember to check the avalanche risk ranging from 1 to 5 (from low to high risk).

Do not hesitate to come and take note of this information at our tourist offices. You can also consult the Météo France website to access their weather report and the avalanche risk of the day.

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