The ascent of Mont Thabor, the mythical summit of Maurienne, is the emblematic hike of Valmeinier but also one of the most difficult.

At the intersection between France and Italy, Mont Thabor (3178 m) is one of the unmissable peaks of the Alps. From Valmeinier, a round trip to its summit is possible in one day. However, even if this hike does not present any major physical difficulty, it remains long in distance and time. With a total of 28 km to cover, count at least 9 hours of walking at a good pace. This experience remains an unforgettable moment with exceptional landscapes to admire.

The Mount Thabor Refuge

The good idea: to enjoy this hike while taking their time, walkers are invited to take a break at the Mont Thabor refuge. For more information on this stop, click on the link below.

The Chapel of Mount Tabor

In addition, the ascent of Mount Tabor presents a particularity. As you approach its summit, you will certainly be surprised to come across a chapel on your way. Perched at an altitude of 3164m, the Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs Chapel has become a must for all hikers reaching the summit. Take advantage of the exceptional spectacle it offers by dominating the whole valley. Go to the link below to learn more about the history of this unusual chapel.

Photo credit: Sylvain Ichard

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