Several circuits of different durations allow you to go around the emblematic summit of Mont Thabor from Valmeinier in Maurienne.

Mount Tabor hikers

The grand tour of Mount Tabor in 5 or 6 days

The tour of Thabor in 5 or 6 days is a cross-border route linking the Maurienne Valley, the Haut Val de Suze and Clarée. This hike of medium difficulty allows you to discover varied landscapes thanks to the passages of passes and change of valleys.

DAY 1: Valmeinier (1500m) – Refuge des Marches (2183 m)
Elevation +: 1225 m
Elevation -: 542 m
Duration: 5 hours (excluding break time)
Wild and airy route that ends in beauty with a 360° panorama over the Maurienne valley and the Massif des Ecrins.

DAY 2: Refuge des Marches (2183 m) – Refuge du Thabor (2502 m)
Elevation +: 604 m
Elevation -: 297 m
Duration: 3h15 (excluding break time)

DAY 3: From the Thabor refuge (2502 m) - The barns of the Vallée Etroite (1765 m) with ascent of Mont Thabor (3178 m)
Elevation +: 676 m
Elevation -: 1313 m
Duration: 7 hours (excluding break time)

DAY 4: The barns of the Vallée Etroite (1765 m) – Névache (1600 m)
Elevation +: 406 m
Elevation -: 571 m
Duration: 5h15 (excluding break time)

DAY 5: From Névache (1600 m) – Refuge des Drayères (2170 m)
Elevation +: 917 m
Elevation -: 437 m
Total duration of the course: 5h45 excluding break time

DAY 6: Drayères refuge (2170 m) – Valmeinier 1500
Elevation +: 624 m
Elevation -: 1304 m
Total duration of the course: 8 hours excluding break time

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