With its 160km of slopes, the Galibier Thabor ski area offers many possibilities for winter sports enthusiasts. Ranging from the accessible blue run to more demanding red runs, we have selected 5 runs for you to ski down during your stay in Valmeinier.

Genepi – Red Run

• How to get there ? Take the Games chairlift then, once at the top, take the direction of the Gros Crey chairlift, going down either the blue Violettes then Bleuets runs or the green Lauzes run. When you are at the top of Gros Crey, head for the Myrtilles blue run. After two bends, you will come to a crossroads where the famous Génépi red run begins.

• The advantages of Génépi: A magnificent view of the Maurienne valley, a wide and pleasant piste to ski.

Our little tip : Descend to the village, continuing along the Cyclamen and Églantiers red runs.

Valkid – Fun Zone

• How to get there ? Take the Games chairlift. Once at the top, you have the choice between two blue runs, the Violettes or the Breakfast (the second is slightly less steep). Valkid is at the junction of these two tracks.

• The + of Valkid: The family space par excellence with playful modules, guaranteed fun and a gentle slope.

Our little tip : For beginners, train first on the Lauzes and Chardons green slopes before coming to have fun at Valkid.

Armera – Blue Run

How to get there ? From Valmeinier 1800, take the direction of Crey du Quart. You will first take the blue Neuvache run to reach the Girodière chairlift. Then, go down to the Grandes Drozes chairlift before continuing with the Moneul chairlift or the Plan Palais ski lift. First take the blue Goulet run, then you will come to an intersection where you can head towards the blue Arméra run.

The + of the Armera : A slalom track between the fir trees very popular with regulars of the resort, a good length that will give you time to admire the landscape.

Our little tip : Do this trail after a recent snowfall, the scenery becomes idyllic!

Moraine – Red Run

• How to get there ? Take the Games chairlift. Once at the top, follow the direction of the Sandonière chairlift by taking the green Lauzes run. At the first bend, cross the track to reach the start of the chairlift. Once at the top of the Sandonière, only two red runs are available to you: the Moraine and the Carline.

• The + of the Moraine: A sumptuous panorama from the highest point of the domain (2750m altitude) with a breathtaking view of the Col des Marches, the tip of Roche Noire, La Meije or the Écrins massif. La Moraine is also a track that links turns and long descents, ideal for speed lovers!

Our little tip : To take full view, do this trail at the end of the day with the first glimmers of the sunset appearing in the distance.

Combe Orsière – Blue Run

• How to get there ? From Valmeinier 1800, take the direction of Crey du Quart by successively taking the Girodière, Grandes Drozes and Moneul chairlifts. Once at the top, go towards Valloire following the direction of the Grand Plateau ski lift. Be careful if you are still new to skiing, this ski lift has a reputation for being difficult. When you reach the top of the Grand Plateau, all you have to do is head back towards Valmeinier via the blue Combe Orsière run.

• The + of the Combe Orsière: A long track with a superb view over the bottom of the valley, a Natura 2000 site, as well as over the resort of Valmeinier.

Our little tip : Go down this track in the morning to take full advantage of the show it has to offer. In addition, have fun locating your residence when you start to see the station during the descent.

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