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Hiking in Valmeinier

Access and routes

What are the best practices for driving in Savoie?

Before leaving:  1 / Check the good condition of your vehicle, the weather conditions, the traffic forecast on: www.bison-fute.gouv.fr et http://www.savoie-route.fr/  2 / Equip yourself: winter tyres, chains (practice fitting them on your vehicle) and leave them close at hand. Beware of the new regulations from November 1, 2021. Use the chaining areas specially equipped on your route to install them on your vehicle, do not stop on the road! To keep the snow fun: Tips for users

How is the road condition?

You can consult the traffic conditions on the following sites: www.bison-fute.gouv.fr et https://savoie-route.fr/ .

Do I need special equipment/chains to come to Valmeinier?

Since the Mountain Law of November 1, 2021, it is mandatory to have special equipment throughout the winter in the Savoie department. This is either having snow tires fitted to all four wheels of your vehicle or having chains or socks in the trunk of your vehicle. Don't forget to plan ahead and stop at the chaining areas to put on the chains or socks so as not to block traffic.

Transport and shuttles

Are there any buses between Valmeinier and Valloire?

Yes, there are buses in the region that run from Monday to Friday to go to Valloire. One way is €8 and round trip €14 (winter 21/22 rates). You can find timetables and book your ticket directly on the Access and Transport page.

How to go from Valmeinier village to the resort center 1800?

You can take line 3 (yellow) which runs from Sunday to Friday (not on Saturday).

The stop at Valmeinier Villages is “Plan Perine” and that of the resort center is “Maison de Valmeinier”.

It runs every 20 minutes and has a break between 12:16 p.m. and 13:40 p.m. at noon.

There is also a pedestrian path that takes between 45 minutes and 1h15 (depending on your pace and if you go up or down) to connect the two.

Are dogs allowed on the shuttles?

Dogs are allowed in the shuttles but they must be kept on a leash.

Do we have to wear the mask in the shuttles?

Yes, the mask is still compulsory in public transport (and health establishments).

Activities and entertainment

What are the activities this week?

Valmeinier's entertainment program is published every week, from Saturday to Saturday. It is available between Wednesday and Friday. You can find it on the app and here: My agenda.

Practical services

Are there public toilets in the station?

You will find public toilets on level 3 of the Maison de Valmeinier and in the multipurpose space Jo Mulet located on the Islettes esplanade, near the tourist office.

Is there space provided for motorhomes?

A service area with electricity and water connection for motorhomes is located just before the station entrance, near the Grange Bernard shuttle and car park stop.

What is the weather forecast for the next few days?

You can check the forecast on our weather page. The weather in the mountains changes very quickly, so you have to check the forecast regularly. And no, we don't know if it will snow at Christmas 😉


Is there a medical practice in Valmeinier?

During the winter season, a doctor's office is open in the center of the resort, for consultations, radiology and the delivery of medication on consultation. Read more

An osteopathy practice is located on level 4 of the Maison de Valmeinier. Read more

Is there a pharmacy on the station?

There is no pharmacy in Valmeinier. The nearest pharmacies are in Valloire and Saint Michel de Maurienne. During the winter season, the Valmeinier doctor can deliver certain medications. For everything related to first aid (dressings, compresses, disinfectant, etc.), you can find them in the resort's mini-markets.

Skiing and sliding

Who are the service providers for ski and snowboard lessons?

The French Ski School is the only provider for ski and snowboard lessons in Valmeinier. Read more

Can I buy a ski pass outside the opening hours of the ski lift ticket offices?

Yes, you can buy your passes at terminals made available to you or directly online at www.skipass-valmeinier.com. 5 purchase and recharging terminals are located at the station to facilitate your stay. They can be used for the following package durations: 4 consecutive hours, end of day (from 15 p.m.), 1 day and 2 to 7 consecutive days.

These terminals are located at the following locations: L'Armera (on the ground floor), Tourist Office 1500 and 1800, Maison de Valmeinier (4th floor) and the ESF office at 1900. However, they are accessible according to the opening hours of these places. On these terminals, the only means of payment is the CB. Ideally, you are already in possession of a medium (badge whose number begins with 01-1614…).

Can we see the condition of the slopes?

You can watch our webcam.

Where can you go cross-country skiing?

It is not possible to go cross-country skiing in Valmeinier. For this, you can go to Valloire.

Can you go skiing in Valloire with the Galibier Thabor pass?

Yes, the Galibier Thabor ski area extends from Valmeinier to Valloire with 160 km of slopes! The ski pass on sale is a single package including the whole of this area. Don't hesitate to consult the piste map in the 'Practical' section.

Walks and hikes

In winter, are there footpaths close to the slopes or at the top of the slopes?

It is extremely dangerous to walk on foot on the ski slopes. There are therefore no footpaths at this level. You can still reach the summits by taking a pedestrian pass at the ski lift offices. 

Can we reach Valloire on foot?

In summer, you can go to Valloire by following the Chemin des Trois Croix from Arméra. Be careful, this is a long hike.
In winter, it is not possible to reach Valloire on foot because of the high risk of avalanche. You can go there by shuttle or on skis with a lift pass.

Is it possible to take the ski lifts on foot?

In summer, pedestrians can access the Games chairlift.
In winter, pedestrians can access the Games chairlifts from the center resort snow front, Roi from Valmeinier Villages and Grandes Drozes from Arméra.

Winter 21/22 price: 1 pedestrian climb: €9,40, 6 pedestrian climbs (non-consecutive fixed prices): €47,20.

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