Perched at an altitude of 1610 meters, the impressive Fort du Télégraphe offers its visitors a spectacular panorama. Immerse yourself in the past by visiting this building overlooking the Maurienne valley.

A little bit of history

Built between 1885 and 1890 as part of General Séré de Rivière's border fortification program, the Fort du Télégraphe was one of the essential elements of the defense of the Maurienne during the 20th century.

Culminating at 1610 meters above sea level, it dominates the valley from 900 meters on three vertiginous facades, making its location a real strategic point of defense. In June 1940, it perfectly fulfilled its mission as a command post during the Second World War by blocking the transalpine progression of the Italian army in the Valmeinier valley with its artillery fire.

Overlooking Saint-Michel de Maurienne, the Fort du Télégraphe owes its name to the presence of a signal tower of the Chappe telegraph built on this rocky ridge at the beginning of the 19th century. A real architectural feat, it marries perfectly with the steep relief of the site on which it stands.

Original visits

Immerse yourself in the past of this imposing site through guided tours in a historical and humorous way with guides in period dress. In addition, a spectacular panorama awaits you along this polygon-shaped fort.

Accessible in about ten minutes on foot from the Col du Télégraphe car park, a fun route has been laid out along the path leading to the fort, for the pleasure of adults and children alike. The first viewpoints overlooking the valley are also visible from this path. Photographers will enjoy taking their first shots even before setting foot in the fort.

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