The mountain is a “water tower” which provides half of the world's water consumption. In this sense, Valmeinier is associated with the national mountain waste reduction program set up by Mountain Riders.

Each year, more than 20 tons of waste are collected in the mountains. Despite the mobilization of 5 volunteers, some other waste manages to slip through the cracks. When the snow melts, they are then swept away. By renewing these awareness-raising operations each year, the objective is therefore to gradually minimize the human impact on our mountains.

In support of this action, Valmeinier organizes waste collection sessions throughout the summer. In order to provide additional motivation, several prizes are offered to the best summer collectors for winter 2023. On your marks, get set, collect!

Mountain Riders relies in particular on three pillars to carry out this project:

  • Equip : construction of educational devices allowing to approach in a fun way the problem of litter in the mountains.
  • To accompany : support from collection organizers with close support. The objective is to make collection more pleasant and festive, to answer the technical questions of the organizers or even to propose “turnkey” data collection methods.
  • Former : to overcome all this waste, Mountain Riders relies on the goodwill of all mountain stakeholders. Thus, training is offered around the specificities of actions without waste in the mountains.

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