The Valmeinier resort is developing a school, educational and sports cohesion project available from June 6 to July 5, 2023. The goal is to create a tailor-made Valmeinier adventure! This trip to the heart of the Maurienne allows children to take awareness of the beauty but also of the fragility of nature in the high mountains.

Build your tailor-made adventure in Valmeinier!

In the morning

Through a themed hike, your students will step into the shoes of RANGERS. Accompanied by a guide, they will discover the alpine fauna and flora, and will be able to see the impact of climate change.

Different itineraries are available:

  • The Lac Vert walk (Very sporty)
  • The Butterfly Trail (Nature)
  • The desert walk (easy discovery)

The afternoon

The students will then be challenged by the obstacle course. Your young rangers will have to surpass themselves to overcome the obstacles.

The obstacle course set up by the Valmeinier resort will offer your students a fabulous experience that will confront them with themselves, but also with teamwork in order to be able to overcome these obstacles. You will have the choice between 2 different routes.

The future RANGERS of VALMEINIER will venture on a route of their choice of 4 km with a drop of 350 m. With a sporting approach, they will have to HELP each other to meet this physical and mental challenge!

MUTUAL ASSISTANCE, TEAM SPIRIT and COMBATIVITY will be the values ​​that your students will have to have.

obstacle course in Valmeinier

Formulas adapted to your needs

We offer two offers to meet all your needs:

The “Pathfinder” offer

A half-day, morning or afternoon, during which the children will enjoy a supervised session on the obstacle course.
9 € per child

The “Chief Scout” offer

A day during which the students will go on a thematic hike accompanied by a guide and then go on the obstacle course with a professional supervisor from the Valmeinier tourist office.
13 € per child

The minimum number of participants required is 15 children.
Please contact us for any reservation.

In 2023, this program will be available from June 6 to July 5.



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