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Sports 14 July 17 July 2022

Valmeinier Throwdown: Crossfit Licensed Event

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09 hours 73450 Valmeinier

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73450 Valmeinier

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Come and admire 420 athletes going beyond their limits at an altitude of 1800m during the biggest Crossfit competition in the Alps. This year, the highest functional fitness event in the world has been labeled CrossFit Licensed Event.

During this second edition, 105 teams of four athletes (2 Women + 2 Men), divided into two levels of difficulty (Scaled and Elites), will compete for 4 days to win the title of the Fittest Team in the Alps. .

This year relive the mythical Valmeinier obstacle course, qualify your team in Scaled or Elite and climb the peaks to the podium on WODs as varied as they are spectacular.

All athletes participate until the end!

The organization of the competition, piloted by the station, will be done in partnership with the teams of the RSNATCH platform, the coaches and trainers of the LFT Foundation and the support of the Rookies Contest association, as in the first edition.


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