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Route à Valmeinier

Tour of Thabor in one day by Valmeinier

Notice to sports enthusiasts, go on an adventure by completing the Tour du Thabor in one day. Enjoy a wild hike where the show is at the rendezvous.



Spring, Autumn, Summer

In order to carry out this hike, we will use the refuges to drink a little and refuel.

For this tour, I favored the view and the physical commitment by choosing to go through Mont-Coburne, in particular because I did not know it. But I do not hide that one can get lost because the path is not always well traced. Other routes are also possible from the start.

Direction the Col des Marches but without going there (it's shorter but we miss the Maurienne valley and the lakes). We go up the 4x4 track on a few switchbacks to reach 2100 m. We will fork on the left on a bad track, before reaching the flat area of ​​the ski lifts, level we reach a path above a few meters after the end of the track. We go in the direction of the chapel of Méraloup.

From the chapel, go up the steep path, not very visible (if you go straight the path ends in grassy slopes with chamois), at the level of the sign.

For a good hour, we will meet the Lac du Loup, the Lac des Grandes Combes on a fairly unfrequented path and farms. Near a ruin, go up a slope as best you can to reach Mont-Coburne on a path that climbs quickly. Read the field well.

From Mont-Coburne you can see the Lac de Bissorte (empty in 2015). We go down as best we can to the refuge of the steps to drink a little and refuel.

Direction the Batailleres pass and the Thabor refuge. We will meet the Lac des Batailleres and some ponds. A wild climb towards the pass and with the torrent at the start. We are approaching the Cheval Blanc which we could see in the distance from Mont-Coburne.

Turn right and descend towards the lakes to reach the Mont-Thabor refuge (12:00 p.m.). Enjoy a beautiful view to take a break and refuel.

We descend a little to pass through the pass of the narrow valley and follow the slopes to the right to reach the very green Lac du Peyron. We go up towards Tabor under detrital peaks and an aerial path. Beautiful.

We reach the Col des Méandes where we find more hikers. We go up towards the Chapel and on a path full of crosses. A little snow is still present. Thereafter, we continue towards the Chapel and the Thabor (add 30 minutes) where we descend directly on the other side on a fairly steep but passable path when you are there. We follow the walls on the right to pass the Col de la Chapelle. You can find some snowfields to descend faster.

The view of the different massifs (Écrins, Vanoise etc...) is exceptional!

We follow the traces of paintings as best we can for the very long descent to the car park in this beautiful valley. The descent is bad at the start and there are several possibilities on the way after. The times are indicated by signs. But be careful not to lose the traces of paint towards the Lunch Stone. If you have a little energy left, you can spend (10 minutes max) seeing the glacier lakes (beautiful color of the rocks).

Before arriving, 30 minutes from the car park and in 5 minutes, you can dip your feet in the green lake (with trout in it!).

You have two choices from the car park: either continue on the road to take the shuttle or either join the road/path which takes you back to the starting point (Valmeinier 1900).

Tour of Thabor in one day by Valmeinier

Difficulty : Difficult

Duration: 12 hours

Elevation: 2100 D +

Distance: 28 km

Max Altitude : 3178 m

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